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Kite Festival IJburg / Centrumeiland (?)

In my childhood, I always made my kite myself, learning from others and just doing it. We did not have nice wrapping papers, stickers, glues, etc. I used newspapers. It was all handmade and I was proud of it when it flied nicely to the sunny skies. If there are more kites it was better fun.

I would like to create/start a cultural event that encourages children to learn and create their own stuff, like a kite. I thought creating a Kite Festival is a good idea that bring people together in a nice event. Some people can create small, practical workshops for children to teach how to make one.

I need help and participation from the parents. I need help from our friendly workers of Gemeende Oost, how to organize one festival like that.

In my mind, if people like it, they show up and do it and it becomes a tradition. So, how about 27th September Sunday between 14.00 - 17.00 to get together in Centrumeiland, next to Urban Camping on the hill? Use the kites we have as a beginning? I will be there with my children and our kite(s).

Anyone interested? First help can be somehow translating this into Dutch.

Thanks and Groetjes
Tayfun Yalcin
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